Sydnee Burr


Dependable, Young Adult, Ellen Emerson White, Basebll, Teens, Softball, Prejudice, Feminism, Glass Ceiling

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Book Review


Jill Cafferty is about to graduate from high school and embark on a journey as the Major League Baseball's first female recruit. As she navigates the tangled minority world, being the only girl among her teammates, coaches, and in the entire profession, Jill sarcastically deals with surmounting pressures. The glamour of professional sports is scratched away as Jill constantly hops from one game and city to the next. Struggling with the balance of being famous, feeling anxiety and uncertainty that would accompany anyone in Jill's position, and puzzling over how to be a role model for young women everywhere, Jill battles against all naysayers to prove to herself that she belongs in the major leagues.