Taylor Harris


Outstanding, Intermediate, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, Mystery, Codes, Alcatraz, Game, Quest

Document Type

Book Review


Emily and her friends embark on a quest to Unlock the Rock, or solve the game set on Alcatraz Island. With mystery writer Errol Roy working behind the scenes, it is sure to be a blast. But with their fame from past success, Emily and James begin receiving threats and are slowed down by people trying to get them out of the game. Despite menacing notes telling them to leave and Emily’s brother being framed as a thief, Emily and her friends manage to solve the game, right as another team is announced winners and Errol Roy has mysteriously disappeared. It turns out that Errol had set up the game to tell the story of his escape, having once been a prisoner of Alcatraz; however, not wanting to return to jail, he had escaped from the Rock once more.