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Various Positions


Lisa Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Martha Schabas, Ballet, Dancing, Schools, Sexual Ethics, Body Image, Family Problems

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Book Review


Fourteen-year-old Georgia eats, sleeps, and breathes ballet. When she is accepted into one of the most prestigious academy's in Toronto, she couldn't be more thrilled. There's just one problem: she's having strange feelings about her ballet instructor, Roderick Allen. As she is training more intensely for a coveted lead role in a ballet, she becomes more and more obsessed with Roderick and fantasizes about having sex with him. On top of her confusing feelings, her parents are acting strange and won't help her understand what's going on. Georgia does the unthinkable and kisses Roderick. By the time Georgia tells the truth about what happened with Roderick, it's too late. Roderick had quit and she is asked to leave the school. Georgia ends up going to a different ballet academy, hopefully having learned something important.