Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Betsy Schow, Intermediate, Fairaytale, Princess, Shoes, Witch, Storymaker

Document Type

Book Review


Rexi is in Camelot trying to put an end to Gwen’s tyrannical rule. Modred is helping her in the hopes of using the grail to rewrite his own story. Kato is dead and his body is now being used by Morte to take over the world of Story. Dot wakes up from a coma in Kansas and is told her life in Story is just her imagination. Rexi struggles with the fate of Story as Hydra guides her and Modred through the three trials to reach the wishing well and hopefully reconnect with Dot, but one false answer is fatal. Dot must embrace her role as a storymaker and give up on her dreams of returning to Story if the world of Story and Rexi are to survive.