Natalie Hatch


Excellent, Betsy Schow, Intermediate, Fairytale, Princess, Shoes, Witch, Wizard

Document Type

Book Review


The world of Story is in shambles thanks to Princess Dorthea’s wish. Chimera Mountain has exploded, leaving Kato’s kingdom destroyed and his surviving subjects without a home. Dorthea is struggling with the weight of the curse and the fire within that is driving her closer to the edge, while Rexi is having memories stripped away each time she dies and Dorthea revives her. With little time or options, Kato and Rexi end up in Camelot in search of Excalibur and its ancient magic, but they are not alone. Modred seeks it too and Gwenevere has taken over Camelot for her Academy of Villains. Dorthea works with Verte and Oz on her curse and storytelling and Rexi makes a deal with the Lady of the Lake. In the end, they face off with Morte—Death himself.