Article Title

The Prince and the Dressmaker


Emily Loveless


Outstanding, Young Adult, Jen Wang, Graphic Novel, Teen, Identity, Love, Friendship, Family

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Book Review


Frances is a Parisian dressmaker with big dreams, and when she is whisked away to work for a mysterious and wealthy client, it seems like those dreams might start coming true. Her new client is Prince Sebastian, who would rather be wearing stunning gowns and taking the fashion world by storm than finding a wife. As their unorthodox friendship blossoms, Frances and Sebastian bolster each other’s dreams, but it soon becomes apparent that Frances’s ambition can never grow beyond their arrangement if Sebastian's dream remains secret. Unable to continue this way, Frances leaves. In his despair, Sebastian’s careful precautions fail and his secret is outed. Frances has found a new position, but when she and Sebastian are reunited at her fashion show, they are reminded that they are braver together.

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