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This is Just a Test


Amanda Bishop


Excellent, Intermediate, Coming of Age, Bar Mitzvah, Cold War, Jewish, Chinese, Family, Friendship

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Book Review


David Da-Wei Horowitz is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah while trying to keep the peace between his grandmothers, friends, and the threat of the Cold War. Growing up half-Jewish and half-Chinese is no easy task. David’s friendships are put to the test after the cool kid, Sam, invites him and his best friend, Hector, to join his trivia team. Sam and David’s friendship, and their building of a fallout shelter, challenge David and Hector’s friendship. David finds a way to bring his grandmothers and friends together, while gaining enough courage to talk to the girl of his dreams, before he “becomes a man” at his Bar Mitzvah and realizes that he isn’t half-Jewish and half-Chinese, but all of both.