Article Title

The Way Home Looks Now


Amanda Bishop


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Baseball, Grief, Women's Rights, Family, Teamwork, Immigration, Chinese-American

Document Type

Book Review


Baseball was the thing that Peter could count on to bring his family together, but that was before the accident. Now Peter hopes that baseball will once again unite his family after his brother is killed in a car accident. Peter decides to try out for the baseball team, a sport he loved playing with his brother, and hopes it will bring her mom out of her depression. Peter is shocked when his usually strict Taiwanese father becomes the team coach, but it turns out his father had played back in Taiwan. As Peter and his dad bond, a shocking surprise threatens the unity of the team and the social norms of the time. The team is determined to stand up for what is right. Peter’s persistence pays off at the end of the book when he is finally able to bring his mother out of her depression and get her to talk about baseball once again.