Taylor Harris


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, bullying, friendship, disabilities, grief

Document Type

Book Review


Mason Buttle is the biggest, sweatiest kid in his grade and has visible learning disabilities. When he finds his best friend, Benny, dead in their orchard, he can’t seem to satisfy the cops with the honest story of all he knows. The whole town, including the police, think that Mason was the one who tampered with the ladder that killed Benny. So when his new best friend, Calvin, goes missing, the cops are a little more than suspicious. Thankfully, Mason finds Calvin in a light shaft they had built in their clubhouse and they are able to save him. However, the mystery of what happened to Benny isn’t solved until Mason accidentally discovers his missing handsaw in neighbor’s garage and they realize that the bully kids were the ones who had tampered with the ladder. With the case finally resolved, it offers the Buttles the will they need to start putting their life back together as a family.