Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Young Adult, Fantasy; Magic;

Document Type

Book Review


Lici's village has fallen ill with the plague, and she has to walk through the night to find a neighboring Qirsi village to heal them. The first village she finds is indeed Qirsi, but their religion doesn't allow them to use their magic to help her family. When Lici returns, everyone in the village has died. She is taken into a nearby Mettai village, where live humans who can use blood magic as her family had. Here she learns that the people who had refused to help her were Y'Qatt. She spends her whole life planning her revenge on the Y'Qatt and when she is an old woman, she sets out selling cursed baskets that kill whole villages with the plague. With each village she passes through, she inadvertently leaves clues that lead Besh, a boy who grew up with her in the Mettai village, to stop her.