Article Title

The Secret Keepers


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Watch, Invisibility, Magic, Honesty, Poverty, Friends, Trust

Document Type

Book Review


Reuben skips school most of the time and spends his days scouting around the neighborhood and climbing buildings just to see if he can. His mother works two jobs to keep them afloat, but Reuben loves the time that they spend together dreaming up houses with unusual ideas like slides to go from one floor to the next. While climbing, Reuben finds an antique watch that he thinks he might be able to sell to rescue his mother and himself from eviction, but he discovers that the watch grants the wearer fifteen minutes of blind invisibility. Determined to save his mother he begins to explore the origins of the watch. This leads him to a lighthouse up the coast where Penny Meyer lives with her family. Reuben, Penny, and Penny's brother Jack, set off to destroy Reuben's watch and it's twin watch that is in the hands of the infamous ruler of Reuben's city, The Shadow. Through risk, adventure, and true friends and family the trio rescue the city, their families, and are finally able to rid the world of the watches that are more of a trap than a treasure.