Article Title

The Road to Ever After


Nicole Clark


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, orphans, time travel, magical realism

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Book Review


Davy has a fascination with art and often draws angels in the dirt around town to pass the time, all the while being careful to avoid the disapproving eye of the minister, who has threatened on more than one occasion to kick Davy out of town. After an encounter with some local town boys, Davy finds himself at the dilapidated and supposedly-haunted home of the town's witch. Mrs. Elizabeth Flint, who turns out to not be a witch at all, invites Davy in and asks for his help on a journey back to her childhood home where she plans to die. Reluctantly, Davy agrees and embarks on a journey that will change everything he thinks he knows about life. As strange things start happening to Mrs. Flint, Davy learns what it means to live—and die.