Haley Cook


Dependable, Intermediate, Zombies, horror, brothers, family

Document Type

Book Review


It’s the annual Halloween sleepover, which means it’s time to share the scariest story ever. Annie Graves hosts a yearly sleepover where her friends get together and try to scare each other. "Help! My Brother’s a Zombie" is the second story of the night, told by Jack. Jack’s brother Stephen was a great older brother, teaching him fun things like making slingshots and giving Indian burns. Then, as Stephen becomes a teenager, he begins to change, no longer the fun easy going older brother. He's mean, stays up late, and smells funny. Eventually he is shipped off to a boarding school for his bad behavior—or so Jack is told. Jack notices that his parents have been staying up late, animals are missing, and there is a locked door in the attic. Eventually Jack discovers what is behind the locked door and helps his parents take care of the situation.