Article Title

The Love Interest


Rachel Aedo


Dependable, Young Adult, Teen; Romance; Spies; LGBT; Thrill; High School

Document Type

Book Review


Caden has a new name, a new face, and a perfect body, all specifically constructed to woo one special girl, Juliet. The only problem is Dyl, who has also been created especially to win the love of Juliet. Dyl and Caden are Love Interests, special spies trained and selected to oppose one another in the hopes that Juliet will fall in love with one of them. The catch is, whoever isn’t chosen by Juliet will die. However, the plans of the Love Interest Corporation go awry when Caden realizes he would rather date Dyl than Juliet, and Juliet decides she would rather destroy the Love Interest Corporation than choose between Caden and Dyl.