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The Ice Sea Pirates


Excellent, Intermediate, -Arctic -Mermaids -Wolves -Pirates -Adventure -Kidnapping

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Book Review


Among a string of imaginary islands in the Arctic, the tale is told of a Captain Whitehead, an ice sea pirate nefarious for abducting small children and forcing them to work in his diamond mine. Siri and Miki live with their elderly father on one of these islands, but never believed that they would fall prey to the clutches of Whitehead and his crew. One day while the sisters are gathering berries on a neighboring island, the pair are separated and Miki is kidnapped. In effort to prevent her father from risking his life, Siri goes after her sister to save her from the cold-hearted pirates. As she embarks on this journey, Siri learns more about herself and humanity through every encounter. Eventually, Siri is reunited with Miki and the pair successfully return home, having conquered Captain Whitehead and his crew.