Article Title

The Hazel Wood


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Young Adult, Magic, Fairy Tales, Family, Fate, Destiny, Betrayal, Choice

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Book Review


Hazel Wood is an estate that belongs to Alice's grandmother, a woman that she has read about but never met. Alice and her mother, Ella, move constantly in an effort to stay one step ahead of the "bad luck" that pursues them relentlessly from one place to the next. Unfortunately, fate has a way of catching up to you. Alice comes home from school one day to find that her mother, step father, and step sister are missing. Alice flees to a friends home, the home of wealthy Emery Finch. Emery is a fan of Alice's grandmother's book, "The Hinterland," that has a well established cult following. Thus begins Alice's journey to find her mother, the Hinterland, and her destiny. Alice eventually finds her mother, a home, and a new future for herself.