Article Title

The Cruel Prince


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Young Adult, Court Intrigue, Faeries, Fighting, Knighthood, Betrayal, Loyalty, Family, Crown

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Book Review


Madoc, the general of the Faerie King's army, strikes down his unfaithful wife and her mortal husband. He claims his daughter, Vivienne, and her twin mortal sisters, Jude and Taryn, and they are now raised in the Faerie King's court as Madoc's children. Jude and Taryn are now at an age where they must find a place in the faerie world as wives or as knights. Jude desire's to become a knight, Taryn a wife. In school and out they are cruelly mistreated by Prince Cardan and his friends. Jude is foiled by her father in her desire to become a knight, but Prince Dain, the heir apparent, recruits her as his spy. As a spy she learns more about fighting, sneaking, and stealing. This added to her father's intensified training in swordsmanship, fighting, and scheming makes her a formidable opponent. When a coup created by her father topples the crown, Jude steps up to save her step-faerie-brother, her arch-enemy Prince Cardan, and the entire kingdom of Faerie that has become her home.