Article Title

The Blood Between Us


Lisa Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Science, Siblings, Sibling rivalry, mystery, death, mourning, sexuality

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Book Review


Adriens' adoptive parents just died from a scientific freak accident and his sister, Grace, is consumed with her grief and doesn't even care that he's hurting too. He may be adopted, but they were still his parents. Adrien decides to move away to deal with grief in his own way and returns four years later because his god father is dying of cancer. Adrien is thrown into the thick of things with everyone at his old school hating him because he "abandoned" his sister. Not only does everyone hate him, but he's also getting mysterious texts about his sister trying to steal their father's work. Adrien discovers that it's his roommate who is sending the texts, who is really a half brother. The half brother tries to kill Adrien and Grace, but they escape from him, but only just barely. The half brother dies, but Grace and Adrien can finally open up to each other and cherish each other for who they are: siblings.