Article Title

Sunny Side Up


Kylee Hackney


Dependable, Young Adult, Summer, Childhood, Comics, Substance Abuse, Vacation, Family hardship.

Document Type

Book Review


Ten year-old, Sunny Lewin’s plans change when her family cancels their beach house summer vacation and sends her to spend the entire summer with her grandpa in Florida. With hopes of spending her summer days in Disney World, she is sorely mistaken when she ends up passing time with the elderly people of Pine Palms Retirement Community. Luckily, she meets Buzz, another kid her age! The two spend the summer reading comics, tracking down the run-away cats, and collecting stray golf balls. While Sunny’s summer is turning out to be better than she anticipated, she can’t help but be reminded of why her family sent her away in the first place. Back home, her brother Dale is on the verge of a drug addiction and Sunny is constantly reminded of her family’s struggle to help him overcome his demon. Sunny finds answers and peace as she spends time away from it all with her new friends and family in Florida.