Article Title

Suitors and Sabotage


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, Regency, romance, mystery, friendship, family, summer, England

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Book Review


Imogene Chively has just returned from her Season in the town and anticipates a summer filled with romantic glances, walks to castle ruins, and sketching with the kind, book-loving Ernest Steeple. What she doesn't anticipate is doing all of those things with Ernest's younger brother, Ben. As an aspiring architect, Ben needs to learn to draw better than his current ability, and Imogene is soon given to be his tutor. As they spend more time together, Imogene and Ben realize that the feelings they share are deeper than Imogene's feelings for Ernest. To make matters more complicated, a series of incidents befall Ben and the youth soon realize that the incidents are not isolated nor accidental. It takes many outings, conversations, and misunderstandings to unravel the mysteries of the romantic relationships and the curious incidents, but all ends happy—eventually.