Article Title

Suffer Love


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, teenager, family, drama, romance, high school, friendship, forgiveness, healing

Document Type

Book Review


Sam Bennett is trying to get over his parents' divorce when he moves to a small town outside Nashville. Hadley St. Clair has been dealing with the aftermath of her father's infidelity to her mother for a while, but her familiar, loving home is now a quiet place full of strangers. Sam and Hadley were not supposed to meet, and they definitely weren't supposed to fall in love, especially after Sam realizes that his mother had an affair with her father. Sam and Hadley find comfort in each other and a mutual understanding they don't share with anyone else. However, Sam's secret knowledge of who Hadley really is threatens to destroy the tentative happiness and peace they've built up. Hadley has been lied to before, and Sam knows it will break her if he lies to her, too. Ultimately, both teens are forced to learn that letting go and forgiving is the only way to find joy again and peace in their relationships with their families and with each other.