Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, United States Navy, World War, Naval operations, American Adventure stories, War stories

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Book Review


Twelve-year-old Colton Graham admires his older brother, Danny. Danny enlisted in the Navy soon after Pearl Harbor. But before Danny leaves for boot camp, he is seriously injured in a boating accident. Colton takes Danny’s enlistment papers and identity. Soon Colton is experiencing the rigors of boot camp. He is assigned on a patrol craft spotting any U-boats stalking cargo ships in the Atlantic. During one mission, his patrol craft is torpedoed, killing half the crew and injuring Colton’s leg. With only one lifeboat, he and his comrades aimlessly drift along for days until help finally arrives. Back on land, Colton is taken to the hospital, but his secret is out about being underage. Colton is discharged from Naval service and returns home to his mother and a healthier Danny.