Article Title

Second Star


Rachel Aedo


Excellent, Young Adult, Fairy Tale; Adaptation; Romance; Surfing; Beach; Family

Document Type

Book Review


Michael and John are missing, and Wendy is going to find them. The classic story of Peter Pan has been reset to take place next to the ocean, where Pete flies with Belle and the Lost Boys on surfboards, and Jas lives by selling a drug called fairy dust to hopeless addicts. Wendy is frantically denying that her brothers are dead, instead she is convinced that they have run away to search for the perfect wave. She falls in with Pete, and falls in love with him, but leaves after finding that her brothers have come and gone from Pete’s hideout. She then turns to Jas, who was last rumored to be in contact with Michael and John, and they set out together to search. However, she loses both Jas and Pete to a dangerous storm at sea, and returns home questioning if she just imagined the whole thing.