Article Title

Ruined #1: Ruined


Lisi Merkley


Dependable, Young Adult, magic, love, murder, war, family, royalty

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Book Review


Emelina Flores’s lost everything when a neighboring kingdom destroyed her family’s palace, killed her parents, and kidnapped her sister, Olivia. In the aftermath of the attack her own people refuse to let her rule, because unlike the rest of Ruina she doesn’t have any powers. She decides to prove that she can help her people by rescuing her sister. In order to do so, she impersonates a princess from an enemy kingdom and marries the prince from another. Her plan is going perfectly until she falls in love with Prince Cas and decides not to kill him. Eventually the royal family figures out that she is not actually the princess she said she was, forcing Emelina to flee the castle and begin the journey to rescue her sister. When Em finds her sister, she can’t believe how powerful and ruthless Olivia has become.