Article Title

Retribution Rails


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, Wild West, outlaws, Arizona, reporter, family, revenge, redemption

Document Type

Book Review


Reece Murphy is known as the infamous Rose Kid, an outlaw so vicious that he murdered an entire family when he was fifteen and joined up with the Rose Riders—or at least that's what everyone in Arizona Territory thinks. In reality, Reece knows who killed Luther Rose's (leader of the Rose Riders) brother a decade earlier, and Rose wants revenge. He forced Reece to join his murdering, plundering band of outlaws and so Reece is stuck in his lawless lifestyle. During a botched train robbery he meets Charlotte Vaughn, an aspiring news reporter with family drama of her own that needs sorting, who gives him a lead as to where Rose's brother's killer might be. Grudgingly working together, Reece and Charlotte do find the mysterious killer but soon realize that the gunslinger just wants to be left alone in peace with his growing young family. Amidst shoot-outs, robberies, blackmail, and intrigue, Reece slowly gains the ability to redeem himself from his unwitting crimes and Charlotte learns to see the world as more than just black and white.