Rachel Wadham


Outstanding, Primary, Dragons; Knights; Princesses: Quests; Ogres; Adventures;

Document Type

Book Review


Princess Serena wants nothing more than to attend Knight School, but she’s stuck learning how to dance and drink tea at the Royal School of Ladylike Manners. When her latest escapades gets her expelled, her father finally agrees to consider knight training if she will complete a quest of kindness. Dubbing herself Princess Pulverizer, a name she sees capturing her personality, she sets out to complete her quest. Her first tries to help don’t go too well but when she hears of a Queen's stolen jewels she knows she’s found just the right task. Entering the Ogre’s lair, she quickly finds the jewels but getting out proves harder. Soon a hapless knight named Lucas and his dragon companion Dribble try to save her, but it quickly falls on the Princess to save them all and complete her first good dead.