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Rachel Aedo


Dependable, Intermediate, Middle School; Bullies; Friendship; Growing Up; Divorce

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Book Review


A group of middle-school misfits have formed their own “tribe,” each member with his own name and role in their friendship. However, the arrival of Rose interrupts their harmonious peace, driving the four boys apart. Rose’s arrival also coincides with the banning of cell phones from school and the subsequent uproar from the students. Narrated by Frost, a boy nicknamed for his knack for poetry, the school erupts into the Sticky-Note War. Hallways, bathrooms, and lockers are covered with the tiny pieces of paper, each bearing a hugely hurtful message for someone. The war comes to a head when Frost’s best friend is targeted by a bully who graffities a slur across his locker, and the school comes together to cover it with sticky notes. This time, the sticky notes are filled with aphorisms and messages of support to atone for the harm the Sticky-Note War has done.