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My Name Is Victoria


Taylor Nelson


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Queen Victoria, Kensington System, Loyalty, Independence, Family

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Book Review


Ten-year-old Victoria (Miss V.) Conroy is sent to Kensington Palace to be a companion to the young Princess Victoria. Sir John Conroy, Miss V's father and comptroller of the royal household, has devised the Kensington System, a strict order of life designed to keep the princess isolated and under the control of the adults around her. At first, Miss V trusts that the system is there for the protection of the princess, but as the two Victorias grow older and closer together, Miss V starts to doubt her father. Princess Victoria is resentful of her restricted life and longs for the freedom she will have when she comes of age and ascends the throne. The tension grows to a head when the two girls meet Prince Albert, and Miss V has to make the ultimate decision and sacrifice for the good of her country and her queen.