Article Title

Been Here All Along


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, sexuality, best friend, romance, drama, friendship, high school

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Book Review


Gideon is just trying to focus on doing well in high school, staying involved, and getting into a good college. Falling in love with his best friend/next-door-neighbor was not going to help his focus. Kyle is already dating the beautiful head cheerleader Ruby, and Gideon has never thought about if he's gay or not before. He tries to shut down his feelings before something catastrophic happens. Kyle is doing relatively well in life—he's got a great girlfriend and an awesome best friend. But when Ruby and Gideon both start acting weird around him, Kyle knows something is up, but he can't figure out what. And why does he keep feeling weird around Gideon, almost like he's developing feelings for him? Through many mishaps, misunderstandings, and drunken revelations, Kyle and Gideon realize that love has been there all along for them, and they're willing to work for it.