Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Cats, Humor, Graphic Novels, Performing Arts

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Book Review


The suits, the top cats of Purramount Studios, need to be persuaded. El Gato and Mr. Puffball could have their buddy movie stolen right out from under them. The suits loved the buddy film, but they aren’t convinced that Mr. Puffball and El Gato should be the actors in the movie. Benedict Cumbercat is about to snatch their show and the cats need to act fast. To win over the Purramount Studios executives, Mr. Puffball, El Gato, and their friends pile into a van to travel across the country to shoot their demo reel. They’re on a deadline and have to act fast. Once completed, they debut their big film and realize it looked much better in the van. However, the suits have better ideas for their future and line them up with other roles.