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Meet Cute


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, romance, high school, teenager, young love, fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, short story, LGBTQ+

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Book Review


This collection contains fourteen short stories, all describing the moment (or moments) that lead to a young couple falling in love. Some are realistic: hiding together during a raid from the police at a party, seeing each other on the subway multiple times in a month, or meeting by chance in the airport security line. Others are more fantastical: tattoos that help young people find their soulmate, an app that matches you with your perfect complementary lover, and a governmental department dedicated entirely to investigating why a relationship failed. Each story features a unique, well-developed heroine who finds maybe not a soulmate but at least someone who cares about them. From the futuristic and mystical to the normal and ordinary, this anthology covers a wide scope of different kinds of teenagers and the relationships they start.