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Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, author, fiction, destiny, high school, romance, love triangle, metafiction, California

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Book Review


Senior Annabelle Burns has a perfect life: a fun if slightly dysfunctional family, an annoying dog, straight As, and awesome best friends. But one day, seemingly out of the blue, her parents announce their separation and their impending move from Annabelle's childhood home, right as gorgeous new kid in school catches her eye. Will seems to be Annabelle's perfect complement, the guy of her dreams. However, soon after this Annabelle discovers that an author, Lucy Keating, is writing her as a character in her story. Annabelle doesn't have any control over what she does or who she ends up with—or so it seems. With conflicting feelings of wanting perfection and also maybe falling for her brother's best friend, Annabelle has to decide if she's going to take charge of her own life and be more than just a character in someone's book, or if she is fine with letting someone else make all her decisions for her.