Braxton Church


Outstanding, Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Complex Characters, African Mythology, POC, Adventure, Romance, Star-Crossed Lovers

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Book Review


The night the magic disappeared was the night Zélie’s mother was slaughtered. In a single night, King Saran took away all magic in Orïsha and ordered the death of the maji, those blessed with magic. Years later, when the King discovers a lost magical scroll, his daughter Amari steals it, and Zélie regains her magic the moment she touches the scroll. Now Zélie, her brother Tzain, and the princess Amari must travel across the land of Orïsha to bring magic back, all while being hunted by Prince Inan. However, Inan himself develops magic of his own, and his magic lets him speak with Zélie in their dreams. Because of this, Zélie and Inan develop an unlikely friendship and search for a way to bring magic and peace into Orïsha. But when Inan betrays Zélie, she completes her journey to the god’s ancient temple. With magic back in the world, the maji have a fighting chance against King Saran.