Article Title

Ink and Bone


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Friendship; Romance; Secrets; War; Competition; Coming-of-age; Technology

Document Type

Book Review


Jess Brightwell lives in a world where the invention of the printing press never happened. Instead, all physical books became property of the Great Library, and citizens can only read scans of those books. Jess’ father is a smuggler of illegal, physical books, and he needs a contact within the most powerful organization in the world: the Great Library. He decides that Jess is his best chance to infiltrate the mysterious organization. Soon, Jess finds himself in Alexandria, Egypt with teenagers from around the world, enrolled in a rigorous training program to become a Library Scholar. Jess quickly realizes that he truly wants to be one of six selected at the end, and not just to feed his father information from the inside. At first, he assumes that he is the only student with secrets. But, by the end of the book, he realizes that the other students harbor dark secrets of their own, and even the Library itself may be less virtuous than it claims to be.