Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, bullying, high school, romance, wheelchair, disability, friendship, healing, forgiveness, family

Document Type

Book Review


Nikki Baylor was incriminated in a cyber bullying incident. She loses her friends, her cheerleading, her show choir involvement, and the trust and respect of her parents. It seems that no one can see past her mistake and look deeper into what really happened or how she feels, until she meets Pax one day at the rehabilitation center she works at. Pax is the only person who can forgive Nikki for her past and look forward to her future. But as Pax and Nikki begin a relationship, they realize that it might be more difficult than they thought. Nikki is willing to stay at Pax's pace and understands that he can't do everything in his wheelchair, but Pax isn't so sure she'll always feel that way. And Nikki still has to learn where her sense of self should really come from. Ultimately, they come together to recognize that while no one can see into the future, they are each other's bright source of hope in the dark and murky world of moving beyond past mistakes and challenges.