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Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, small town, summer, drama, mystery, missing person, relationships, family, romance, trauma

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Book Review


Darcy Prentiss is well-known in her small town as one of the trashy girls, the town slut. She doesn't mind, as long as she can spend her days harvesting blueberries with her sister, Mags, and her cousin, Nell, and spend her nights partying at the local quarry or drive-in. But the sleepy summer Darcy imagined doesn't exactly pan out: the police find new evidence in the local missing person case, that of Darcy's ex-best friend; Darcy and Nell have a secret that gets harder and harder to keep; and some of the local boys are causing trouble not only messing with Darcy's heart but with her boss and his business. With more revelations and clues coming nearly each day, the tangled mysteries of Darcy's small Maine town slowly start to unravel, breaking relationships and ruining hopes for a better future. Darcy has to learn which secrets to keep and which to spill, and hope that her family's fragile trust in her will survive the revelations and lies.