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Dependable, Young Adult, -radiation -mines and mineral resources -resistance to government -dystopian society -love -science fiction -survival

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Book Review


Generations ago, a cosmic event formed the flash curtain, a toxic wall of deadly radiation. Sixteen-year-old Orion is a Subpar, a race of humans has adapted to be able to withstand greater levels of radiation exposure. Subpars are expected to mine the tunnels near the deadly flash curtain in order to protect the city of Alara. Orion and her partner Dram work in the most treacherous tunnel trying to secure enough cirium to grant themselves and their families passage to Alara. But when newcomers arrive at Outpost Five, Orion discovers that the promise of freedom and the world as she knows it has all been a lie. After a rebellion, Orion and Dram are face deadly creatures, exposure to the elements, and deadly odds. When Dram and Orion finally find safety in the mountains, a promise hangs in the air of the continuing battle to ensure the freedom of loved ones left behind.