Rebeca Wallin


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Shakespeare; Time Travel; Romeo and Juliet; Step-siblings; Fantasy;

Document Type

Book Review


When Becca and her annoying step-brother Sam arrive at Becca's friend’s house looking for a missing library book, it is nowhere to be found. They do find another book though, a copy of Romeo and Juliet. After reading the first line in the play, the book frighteningly expands and consumes the siblings! They emerge from darkness to find that they are in Verona, where the feud between Montagues and Capulets involves pizza empires and stolen recipes. Becca and Sam quickly discover Romeo and hatch a plan to unite him with Juliet. With some help from a prank loving Mercutio and trouble from a revenge seeking Tybalt, they sneak into the Capulet’s party so that Romeo can meet Juliet. The heroes succeed in uniting the young lovers, reading the last line of the play, and returning home.