Rebeca Wallin


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Shakepeare; Hamlet; Time Travel; Fantasy; Friendship;

Document Type

Book Review


Fifth-grader Kyle is resigned to a boring afternoon spent with his know-it-all neighbor Halley when an unexpected crate full of books is delivered and changes everything. Kyle reads the first few lines from Hamlet, and the book suddenly grows and eats Kyle and Halley, transporting them back in time to the kingdom of Elsinore. The major problem here is the horrible stench that pervades the town. Hamlet’s evil Uncle Claudius has usurped the throne and Prince Hamlet is working to convince the kingdom that he should be king. After several plans go awry, the time travelers, with help from Hamlet and Ophelia, are finally able to expose Claudius for the stench-causing villain he is. Hamlet is restored to the throne, Kyle reads the last line of the play, and the travelers return home, better friends than before.