Article Title

Ellie, Engineer


Taylor Harris


Excellent, Intermediate, engineer, female protagonist, working together, friendship, creativity, gender roles, birthday, building

Document Type

Book Review


Ellie, a nine-year-old engineer, has big plans for her best friend, Kit’s, birthday. She enlists the help of some of the neighborhood kids to build a magnificent dog house for the pet that Kit and Ellie overheard that Kit will be getting. However, the neighborhood boys and girls don’t like each other so Ellie doesn’t tell either group that she is working with their nemesis. When they find out, they get angry at Ellie, and she is left alone with lots of friendships to repair. However, with some ingenuity and teamwork, she is able to get all her friends involved and make amends for the hurt feelings she caused. And the best part yet: Kit gets the most awesome dog house on the block, for her new sheep, Miss Penelope.