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Melissa Heaton


Dependable, Young Adult, shyness, gene therapy, virus diseases, dating, single parent families, cystic fibrosis, science fiction

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Book Review


Aislyn's painfully shy tendencies seem to make everything worse in her complicated life. Aislyn’s little brother suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, and her single mother works multiple jobs just to keep the family afloat. At a community event at Nova Genetics, Aisyln decides to be secretly injected with an experimental gene therapy drug called Charisma that changes her DNA to improve her weak personality. Almost suddenly, Aislyn’s shyness disappears and she is charming. She is able to make friends easily and voice her opinions without cowering in a corner. Unfortunately, Aislyn and others start experiencing serious side effects. The drug backfires and becomes a deadly, contagious illness. Luckily for Aislyn, she is able to reverse the effects of the drug and survive.