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Wizard For Hire


Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Friendship; Wizards; Parents; Missing persons; Brainwashing; Mystery and detective stories; Adventure

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Book Review


Seven-year-old Ozzy Toffy and his parents spontaneously move to an off-grid cabin deep in the Oregon woods. But soon after moving in, armed men kidnap Ozzy’s parents, leaving Ozzy on his own. Seven years later, fourteen-year-old Ozzy finally escapes the confines of his forest home to experience the world and search for his parents. A magazine ad of a wizard for hire catches his eye. Ozzy employs the wizard, Rin, and their adventures begin. Several hearty breakfasts, road trips, car chases, and snoopings later, Rin and Ozzy discover the corporation behind the Toffy’s disappearance. Sadly, the results of their investigations don’t lead Ozzy to the happy ending he was expecting, but their clues deal a major blow to the corporation who ruined the Toffy’s lives.