Article Title

Wild Beauty


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, fantasy, curse, heritage, family, romance, mystery, supernatural, garden, nature, Hispanic culture

Document Type

Book Review


The three generations of Nomeolvides, women who tend the garden of La Pradera, are both blessed and cursed: they can call forth the most beautiful of flowers and trees from the soil in the blink of an eye, but when they love people too much, they disappear. Each generation always has five women, no boys or men. Estrella and her cousins live in their world of unspeakable beauty and unspeakable heartache, not knowing how to break the curse on their family, until one day a strange boy appears. Fel doesn't know anything about where he came from or who he is, but as his memory starts coming back in brief flashes, both he and Estrella realize with growing horror that the land of La Pradera is angry about a past crime, and it will not let the Nomeolvides women or their lovers leave until it has finally attained vengeance. Ultimately, in an act of desperation, the women and Fel are able to put the land at peace and enjoy some unexpected surprises from uncovering the truth of La Pradera.