Article Title

Who's That Girl


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, high school, music, friendship, romance, social media, school dance, LGBTQ+, drama, humor, fame

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Book Review


Natalie "Nattie" McCullough-Schwartz is starting her junior year with a bang: she and her three friends, all founding members of their school's gay-straight alliance, are attempting to take over the school's Winter Formal and make it a more inclusive and represented event. Beyond that, Nattie is trying to get over her longtime crush on Sebastian Delacroix, an aspiring musician and lead singer of the alt band the Young Lungs. When the Young Lungs' new single, "Natalie," is released, Nattie has no doubt that the song was written about her. So she's left trying to decide why Sebastian Delacroix would write a song about her, while still trying to make the Winter Formal the best dance Wister Prep has ever put on, and maybe she'll figure out why she's suddenly getting nervous and sweaty around her friend Zach in the meantime. Nattie has to take a good look at what she really wants, who she really is, and at what price fame and fortune come.