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Clive was born in Jamaica where he fell in love with music. At age thirteen, Clive moved to the Bronx in New York City. There he started playing basketball at the neighborhood playground, where he was nicknamed “Hercules” for his great height. This was shortened to “Herc,” and Clive added “Kool” for the new nickname of “Kool Herc.” One day Clive’s father bought a giant sound system. Clive tinkered around to make the sound system even better and then hosted a huge dance party as the new “DJ Kool Herc.” DJ Kool Herc used his own new techniques to make the dance party unique, and everyone loved it. He took his parties all over the Bronx and introduced break dancing. He invited other musicians to join him in toasting and called them “The Herculoids.” Soon everyone wanted to meet DJ Kool Herc and experience his “hip-hop” style. And that’s how the beat was born.