Article Title

We Were Never Here


Meagan Andrus


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, illness, healing, high school, friendship, hospital, romance, animals

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Book Review


Lizzie Stoller collapses at summer camp unexpectedly, and her life is never the same after that. During her stay in the hospital, she meets Conner and his dog, Verlaine. Conner is sweet, cute, and funny, all the qualities that the boys who never like Lizzie back have. But somehow, Conner and Lizzie connect in a mutual understanding that isn't always clear to them. Lizzie is suffering from physical pain and anguish, while Conner is suffering from emotional and mental turmoil. As Lizzie starts to heal, Conner seems to get worse, and both are unsure about how to proceed. Lizzie eventually learns to forgive Conner for his mistakes and see him as a whole person instead of one isolated incident, and they both learn a thing or two about how to keep lasting, healthy relationships.