Article Title

Hurricane Child


Melissa Secor


Dependable, Young Adult, Kheryn Callender, Diverse, Diversity, Realistic, Realism, Juvenile, Homosexuality, Lesbian

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Book Review


Twelve-year-old Caroline was born on a small island in the Caribbean in the middle of a hurricane, which is said to be unlucky. This has been too true for Caroline. She has always been bullied and abused at school, and one day, her mom leaves the house and doesn’t come back. Caroline is left alone, without the only person who ever loved her. One day, a girl named Kalinda shows up at school. Kalinda recently moved from Barbados and has a glow about her. Kalinda and Caroline become instant friends, and Caroline finds herself finally connecting someone. When Caroline finds a picture that leads her to where her mom may be, Caroline and Kalinda set out to find Caroline’s mom, and maybe Caroline herself in the meantime.