Article Title

On the Free


Melissa Heaton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Coert Voorhees, Survival, Wilderness Areas, Camping, Juvenile Delinquendy, Hispanic Americans

Document Type

Book Review


Santi, Victor, and Amelia—the only survivors left of the Bear Canyon Wilderness Therapy Program—are stranded in the Colorado wilderness after a destructive mudslide destroys their camp in the middle of the night and sweeps away the other members of their group. Santi and Amelia want to go back down the mountain, but Victor has other motives and wants to continue moving forward. As they try to find help, they endure injuries, harsh weather, a lack of supplies, vicious wildlife, and their troubled pasts. After the climax of fighting off a mountain lion, the fate of Santi, Victor, and Amelia are left open to reader interpretation.