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Things We Know By Heart


Meagan Andrus


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Jessi Kirby, Romance, Teenager, Death, Heart Transplant, Forgiveness, Healing, Ocean

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Book Review


Quinn's boyfriend Trent died at the end of their junior year, and her world has never been the same since. For healing, she starts reaching out to the people who received Trent's organs after he died. The one person she hasn't ever gotten a reply from is the boy who got Trent's heart. She tells herself she won't go see him, but curiosity and the need for closure get the better of her. Colton seems unwilling to talk about his past but is very interested in Quinn, and she finds herself falling for him too. But falling in love again would be a betrayal to Trent's memories in Quinn's mind, and it takes her several introspective runs and some harsh squaring up to her own mortality until she realizes that finding love again is better than living forever in misery and heartache.