Article Title

A Sky Full of Stars


Amanda Bishop


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Linda Williams Jackson, African American, Racism, Civil Rights, Jim Crow, Sharecroppers, Bravery

Document Type

Book Review


Set against the backdrop of a small rural town in Mississippi during the 1950s, Rose tries to understand and find strength in the tumultuous era of the Jim Crow Laws. Rose is African American and lives with her family of sharecroppers. With her best friend Hallelujah, Rose attempts to understand what it means to be brave and to stand up for what you believe in. As racial tensions escalate throughout the South, Rose delves into civil rights protests, despite her grandmother's wishes. She wrestles with the decision to either stay in the South or join a family living in the North with less persecution. She ultimately decides to remain in the South so that she can stand up and fight for the rights of African Americans.